Business Plan

Mantrana offers professional business planning for all types of maritime infrastructure projects. Mantrana's business plan services are used by a range of clients in the maritime sector, including:

•   Ports
•   Shipping companies
•   Shipyards
•   Marine tourism operators
•   Shipbuilding companies
•   Financial Institutions
•   Prospective investors in maritime infrastructure

What are the components of Mantrana's business planning services?
Understanding of client's requirements: Before starting any project, Mantrana's team of experts thoroughly understands the client's objectives behind preparing a business plan. For certain projects, Mantrana also offers a short-term pilot, which helps clients get an understanding of Mantrana's business planning capabilities.
Extensive research: Mantrana's team of business analysts perform extensive research to find out all the inputs needed for a solid business plan. The team relies on a range of secondary sources such as publicly-available government documents, industry reports, news and updates, etc. The research also involves looking at prevailing economic conditions, government laws and incentives, local issues, and industry prospects.
Preparation of plan by industry experts: Mantrana's team of experts have spent several years in the maritime infrastructure space and have prepared plans for all types of businesses in this area. Once the initial research is completed, our industry experts set out with preparing detailed and actionable business plans for maritime infrastructure projects. At this stage, all the essential technical and financial aspects of the proposed business are looked at from an independent perspective.
Collaborative process: Clients are always involved at all stages of business planning, right from research to the preparation of the final plan. Clients are provided with draft reports at regular, pre-decided intervals to help them monitor the progress of their maritime business plan. The final report is submitted only after all the intermediary reports are approved by the client.

Maritime business planning - Shipping
Mantrana provides comprehensive planning for shipping businesses.

•   Competition analysis
•   Estimation of cargo flow by route
•   Detailed review of strategic ports
•   Detailed financial models based on investments, revenues and costs
•   Human resources plan
•   Marketing plan
•   Environmental plan
•   Other strengths and challenges related to the shipping business

Maritime business planning – Offshore supply vessels
Mantrana's business plans for offshore supply vessels take into account the unique challenges and strengths of the business.

•   Detailed profit and loss projections, including projected freight income, crewing expenses and other
    operating expenses
•   Financial analysis, including a review of financing arrangements and costs
•   Human resource projections and planning
•   Projected cash flows
•   Assessment of risks such as liquidity risks, market risks, currency risks, etc.
•   Competitive analysis and review of the external offshore logistics environment

Maritime business planning – Shipbuilding/repair
Mantrana's shipbuilding and repair business planning services involve both an inward and outward perspective of the shipbuilding/repair business.

•   Business objectives and goals in terms of capturing market share and revenue targets
•   Detailed strategic and action plan
•   Competitive analysis, including the number of vessels built by competition, and top customers
•   Assessment of design and technology capabilities and whether any upgradation is needed
•   Human resource planning, including a review of the availability of capable workforce
•   Financial analysis, including projected costs and revenues
•   Investment and financing analysis

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