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Feasibility Studies

Feasibility Studies

Mantrana Maritime Advisory brings its repository of data,knowledge and experience needed to conduct a maritime-specific feasibility study. A Feasibility Study is a process which defines exactly what a project is and what strategic issues need to be considered to assess its feasibility or its likelihood of succeeding.

Feasibility studies are useful when starting a new business, as well as while identifying a new opportunity for an existing business. Feasibility study report is prepared to support the investment proposal, and right from environmental conditions, local impact, government regulations, probable productivity, aptness of asset development, vantage points of a project, to a possible workaround, our study covers all these aspects thoroughly.

At initial stages, we assess the economic viability of the proposed maritime business. Thereafter, if we find the venture to be sound and profitable in terms of economy, time and resources, we decide to undertake the project. Regardless of any eventualities, we prefer giving due consideration to all at the initial stage of the undertaking rather than at later stages, when a lot of money and resources have already been invested.


Maritime industry and its investors have realized the importance of feasibility study, as it serves a number of objectives. Some of the reasons why maritime clients approach us for feasibility study are as follows:

  • Identifying strengths as well as sizing bottlenecks in making a maritime business idea work
  • Identifying critical issues that affect the go/no-go decision in a maritime undertaking.
  • Developing  appropriate strategy and making a credible representation to banks, investors and private equity players active in the maritime industry
  • Serving as a foundation for authentic business planning and corporate strategy in the marine sector

We work with clients to formulate strategies in the maritime sector. We analyze the client’s business needs and collect information about project participants. After studying the client’s expectations for system implementation at this stage, we offer them the solutions. Various indispensible issues of the project, including project timeframe, its budget and negotiations related issues, conceptual problem solution etc. are discussed with the client during this stage of the project

Our feasibility study also includes project scope, associated risks, project planning at all stages, and investments at each stage. This translates into a report that details requirements and the proposed solution, a facile project structure, a list of potential project risks and possibilities of their elimination.

Being steeped in local environment and constantly exposed to the changing dynamics of markets, complemented with data collection straight from industry sources, which is often the only way to obtain data in India, our feasibility studies are more practical than any other.

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