Market Research

Mantrana Maritime Advisory provides a wide range of market research services for the maritime sector. Being a maritime specialist, Mantrana offers several key advantages to its customers.

•   Access to vast amounts of maritime market intelligence
•   Extensive domain expertise in maritime advisory services
•   Knowledge of latest tools related to maritime market research
•   Deep-rooted connections in the maritime sector

Who can benefit from Mantrana's Market Research services?

•   Port operators
•   Port authorities
•   Shipping companies
•   Financial Institutions
•   Insurance providers
•   Governments
•   Prospective investors in the maritime space

Market Research – ShippingCompanies
With the growing competition, shipping companies are in constant need of new information to grow their business. Mantrana offers detailed market research for shipping companies on all aspects including: •   Detailed research on trade routes by traffic:By type of cargo, by competition, by market demand
•   Research to support fleet expansion:By type of fleet, by capacity, by type of cargo
•   Identification of target markets and new opportunities
•   Information on the competitive landscape of shipping companies
•   Cargo projections to support future planning
•   Research on ports, including traffic, charges, and facilities at different ports

Market Research – Equipment & Service providers
With the constant evolution of maritime infrastructure, providers of maritime equipment and services find it challenging to stay up-to-date on the evolving needs of their customers. Accurate and relevant market research can be of great value to maritime and equipment service providers who are looking at new ways to grow their business.

•   Detailed research on all kinds of equipment used in Indian ships: by type of ship, by make of equipment,     by volumes, etc.
•   Information on the both the primary and secondary market of maritime equipment and services,
    including top suppliers and top customers
•   Information on key decision makers in the maritime infrastructure industry

General maritime market research
Apart from the above, Mantrana can undertake all types of market research related to ports, shipping, shipbuilding, offshore activity, and overall maritime infrastructure. The combination of deep-rooted industry knowledge and high-authority connections in the maritime infrastructure space enable Mantrana to provide high quality and reliable market research. Some sources used by Mantrana for gathering this information, include:

•   Mantrana's up-to-date internal database
•   National and international maritime bureaus
•   Maritime trade and professional organizations
•   Various shipping-related publications

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