Offshore Maritime Services

Recent Updates on Indian Drilling Market
The paper was presented at Offshore Drilling Rigs, organized by IBC Asia in Singapore from July 26 to July 29, 2011. A brief account of Indian Offshore drilling business and the supply-demand scenario of the rigs was a highlight of the paper. Moreover, the challenges and opportunities the region presented in deepwater drilling formed an integral part of the report


Ship repair Opportunities in Indian Offshore Industry
This paper was presented at the SMM India Conference in Mumbai on April 8th, 2011, this paper demonstrated the factors ailing the Indian Ship Repair Industry, and how it has been missing out on the widespread opportunities due to a disorganized nature of the industry, insufficient infrastructure and the lack of policies to give a boost to the segment. The paper also touched upon some of the practices that the Ship Repair Industry could benefit from in the present scenario


The Market Drivers and Strategic Outlook othf TOSV Market
The paper was presented at Tugs & Offshore Support Vessels Asia 2010, Kuala Lumpur, Oct 07 & 08, 2010. The presentation describes charterinng trends, market drivers, market share of major players and cites case studies relevant to the TOSV market.


Risks and Rewards of entering Indian Offshore Sector
The paper was presented at 2nd Annual Offshore Support Vessels Asia Pacific conference organized by IBC Asia in Singapore on April 27, 2010. The presentation describes the long term sustained opportunities India has for the offshore oil and gas Services Company. It also describes various legal and regulatory issues to be dealt with while entering Indian market. The presentation has statistics related to the offshore fleet both Indian owned and foreign owned working in India. It has touched upon the future supply scenario for offshore vessels in India.


Reviewing Chartering Trends and Technical Advantages of Different OSV
The paper was presented at Offshore Oil & Gas Summit organized by IBC Asia in India on September 23, 2009. The presentation describes Chartering trends of different types of Offshore Supply Vessels. It also discuss demand supply scenario in the present case. It has touched upon the technical issues related to different types of Offshore Supply Vessels.


Ports & Logistics

Demand and Supply assessment of Ports in India
The paper was presented at the 2nd India Port Expansion and Capacity Upgrading, organized by Noppen in Chennai, India, on November 3rd and 4th, 2011. The presentation reflected upon the rampant port-capacity augmentation initiatives being adopted by the government and private players. The paper helped analyze the favorable impacts of the developments on the Indian maritime industry as well as the flip side of it. Drawing from a couple of similar successful ventures, the paper also suggested some practices to make these projects productive while evading the backlashes


Terminal & Port Infrastructure: Connectivity & Data Transparency
The paper was presented at Indian Logistics Conference 2011, organized by Sourcing Insights on July 22, 2011. The report shed light on the functionality of the Port from different perspectives, depending on their development model. The paper drew parallel between the ideal state of operation for a port, inclusive of its infrastructures and connectivity, and the poor state of Indian ports. The report further emphasized some of the adoptable measures that could change the ailing Indian Ports for better.


Hinterland Connectivity-What is the Solution?
This paper was presented at International Conference on Infrastructure: The Global Growth Driver, Kolkata on Feb 04, 2011. The presentation points out the bottlenecks Indian ports face in terms of hinterland connectivity. How an indispensible variable of a port's performance can have a severe impact on trade logistics. While drawing out a comparison with Australia's Port Hedland, the paper helps underscore resolutions and the productivity benchmarks that Indian ports should adopt in order to better the current situation.


Evolving Competition Laws in the Port Sector
The paper was presented at India Ports & Logistics conference organized by IBC Asia in India on May 24, 2010. The presentation analyses and discusses “Evolving Competition Law in the Port Sector” through government perspective and examines private sector concerns. It also discusses issues related to monopoly in the port sector, and brings critical insights both from government and private perspective. 


How Free Trade Zones Can Enhance Trade Development
The paper was presented at the conference on "Global Connectivity With the Mediterranean Basin, organised by World Free Trade Zone Convention in Treiste, Italy on July 2nd and 3nd, 2012. The presentation discusses the impact Trieste could generate by creating a Free Trade Zone to the overall container trade in Europe. It also has case study of Jebel Ali Free Trade Zone. It discusses the critical parameters essential for the sucess of a container port coupled with the Free Trade Zone.


Ship Building & Ship Repair

Opportunities for Equipment Suppliers in Indian Shipbuilding Industries
This presentation was delivered at Inmex India 2011, organized by Inmex in Mumbai, India, from September 29th to October 1st, 2011. The paper’s objective was to highlight the segments the equipment suppliers can focus on, allowing them to carve a niche for themselves. On the back of current and foreseeable performance of Indian shipbuilding industry, certain productive steps were proposed, customized as per the differing requirement of the segments and the parties involved.


Project Management Strategy-Shipyard
The paper was presented at Offshore Inspection, Maintenance and Repair conference organized by IBC Asia in Singapore on November 20, 2009. The presentation describes issues a shipyard faces during dry docking of a ship. It also discusses critical factors that need to be taken care of while planning a ship repair project.


Indian Shipbuilding Industry Opportunities for Global Equipment Suppliers.
The report gives an overview of Indian Shipbuilding Industry, orderbook of Indian Shipyard and opportunities for global equipment suppliers and other business providers in Indian Shipbuilding Segment. It discusses the impact of global crisis and current scenario.