Detailed Project Report

Detailed Project Reports (DPRs) involve a detailed assessment of all the financial and technical aspects of new maritime infrastructure projects.

Why choose Mantrana for preparation of Detailed Project Reports?
Vast repository of knowledge and data: Over the years, Mantrana has prepared DPRs for all kinds of maritime infrastructure projects. With this experience, we know what it takes to prepare DPRs according to the requirement of the project.
High emphasis on research:Given the level of details required, research plays a critical role in preparation of DPRs. We collect vast amounts of government and private informationrelated to the projects in question, which serves as a solid base for preparing DPRs.
Industry experience:Different projects and different agencies have their own set of requirements and guidelines for preparing DPRs. With their vast industry experience, Mantrana's team is well-versed with the expectations of various external agencies when it comes to DPRs.

Detailed Project Reports – Ports
There are several dynamics involved in the development of ports. Given the scale of investments involved, it is a good idea to prepare a detailed project report before commencing any work. Mantrana provides detailed project reports for ports, which include:

•   Analysis of the general business landscape for ports
•   SWOT analysis
•   Analysis of traffic, including existing traffic, potential traffic, type of cargo, etc.
•   Site investigation, including connectivity, topography, and environmental details
•   Port planning such as such as port layout, land requirements, possible constraints
•   Detailed estimation of capital costs
•   Projections of tariffs, including current charges, regulatory framework for tariffs, etc.
•   Detailed financial analysis, such as potential revenues and costs, required investments, and projected      profitability

Detailed Project Reports – Inland Container Depots
Inland container depots (ICDs) serve as hubs for completing shipping formalities related to containerized cargo. Development of Inland Container Deports involve a range of factors, and these need to be included in the detailed project reports. Mantrana has vast experience in preparing detailed project reports for ICDs that cover various aspects, such as:

•  Financial aspects of ICDs, including commercial viability, required investments, and projected revenues    and profitability
•  Detailed traffic assessment between ICDs and ports, including by type, by available mode of transport, by     volumes, by present costs, by future forecast of traffic
•  Calculation of projected two-way TEUs and evaluating those against government's criteria for setting      up     ICDs
•  Projected land requirements for ICDs
•  Layout of ICDs
•  Outlining requirements of equipment at ICDs

Detailed Project Reports – Logistics Park
In India logistics costs are much higher when compared to developed countries (13-14% of GDP as opposed to 8-9% in developed countries). This highlights the need of upgrading the logistics infrastructure in the country. The government has been encouraging investments in logistics sector and more and more logistics park are expected to come up in the coming years. Mantrana helps in preparing DPRs for logistics parks that include:

•  Commercial aspects of logistics park, including projected revenues, required investments and projected     profitability
•   Outlining land requirements, including requirements for warehouse and office space
•   Understanding connectivity to the park via air, road and rail
•   Listing the facilities to be provided at the park such as mechanized handling, packaging, etc.
•   Planning of essential amenities at the park

Detailed Project Reports – Shipyards
As shipyards look to expand their infrastructure, detailed project reports help them in understanding the commercial and technical aspects of proposed infrastructure projects. Detailed project reports for shipyards include things like:

•   Technical details such as vessel sizes, dredging requirements, plan for designing marine structures
•   Study of the marine conditions around shipyard
•   Traffic forecast based on past data, future trends, and global/national economic conditions
•   Financial details of the shipyard, including projected revenues and required investments
•   Environmental impacts of the shipyard